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  • Ryan Hogue

10 Décor Trends for 2022

Happy first Friday of the New Year everyone! Hope everyone starts it happy and healthy and is looking forward to a year full of growth and prosperity! I’m sure some people had a great 2021, but for most it was a chaotic year filled with anxiousness and hope for a return to more normal days. Last year the design trends focused a lot on making the most out of your home because people knew they would be spending a lot more time in their homes compared to previous years. This year's trends seem to be building off of that. We don’t know when, or if we will ever go back to “normal”. Even if we do, if all the Covid worries are gone and you have no reservations about going into public spaces, I still believe some of our lifestyle changes are here to stay. I don’t believe many people want to be forced to stay in their house 24/7. However, from being urged to stay inside as much as possible and people making their homes fit them more, I truly believe a lot of people have fallen in love with home life and from here on out will be staying home more, or inviting people over to their home. So, sit back, relax and enjoy my 10 favorite design trends in 2022! Remember these are just suggestions and you can make them your own! Make sure to comment your favorites or what you think will be a hit this year!

  • Decorative cabinetry-Often overlooked but not anymore! When you spend as much time in your house as people have over the past year or 2 you start to notice anything and everything. It was at this point people started noticing how plain and boring most cabinets are. Well, in 2022 that's here to change. People are using cabinets now to make a statement. A popular choice for this year is the vertical stripes but many are using really unique hardware to make the cabinetry stand out.

  • Foyer-Foyer, mud room, entrance, no matter what you want to call it, it’s probably your least thought room in the house even though it's often the first one people see. Well, after two years of being mostly stuck in the house and having already reinvented every other room, people started to come to the realization that the often overlooked foyer had tons of potential. Decorative coat racks/hangers, shoe storage, decorative rugs are all some examples of ways to customize your foyer.

  • Home Bars- The most common complaint I’ve heard since we’ve taken up solace in our homes is people missing going out the bar. They miss interacting with others and having a good time during the weekend letting off some built up steam from the long work week. Well, I think a lot of people are suffering from rosy retrospection, a cognitive bias causing people to remember things better than they were. It’s not surprising. You take anything away from someone and tell them they can’t have it, it’s most likely going to make them want it more. Sweaty crowds of cliques of people not interacting with each other, overpriced drinks, too loud outdated music. I remember most nights at the bar being very underwhelming. Well due to being forced to adapt, a lot of people are building home bars to be able to host people to a night of unwinding on the weekend. Bars are a great balance between style and functionality. Most will agree a home bar, or bar cart adds style to any home. It also provides a money saving way to enjoy a drink with friends in as relaxed a setting you can get!

  • Vintage, reclaimed, refurbished- If you’ve tried to build a home or a room or anything the past year you know how expensive materials and everything has gotten. This has caused a surge in vintage and reclaimed décor. Obviously it will be harder to do if you have a modern theme in your home. But those with country, rustic, shore or any other more dated style will be all over this trend. People are using websites, yard sales and any means necessary to barter and buy previously owned, sometimes even distressed decor to spice up their homes. This is great for everyone as you can find great pieces for less money. Costs for new materials will eventually go down, but in the meantime take advantage of some great deals all around you!

  • Closed floor plans-I’ll be honest. I never thought I’d see the day. (I’m slightly joking of course, as we all know that home décor is always cycling and revisiting old trends) But if you have paid attention to nearly any decorating show or article in the past 10 years you probably have only had open floor plans reiterated over and over. Well it’s finally happening, for all those of you who love separation and privacy you can rejoice. Due to being stuck inside with others most of the past 2 years people are moving to a much more closed floor plan with individual rooms with their own individual purposes.

  • Tableware/glassware- Like I said before. We're going on year 3 of being inside so many of the rooms or big ideas have been taken, executed, enjoyed and probably even changed again. People are starting to take notice of the little things they can change. Tableware and glassware are becoming a great way to express yourself and add pop to your kitchen/dining room. Many people are going with glass, see through cabinetry. This allows you to display your decorative tableware all the time. Others have the table set 24/7 to showcase their colorful or creative tableware.

  • Pantries/closets organized- This is another example of design trends being extremely practical and productive. Whether it’s the pantry, closet or storage room, people are using baskets and buckets and organizing bins to make these rooms look amazing. Using labels and containers people are able to make an organized closet look so aesthetically pleasing. Everything has its place and is organized with like minded products. No more days of going into a closet and looking around for 20 minutes to find what you need. Now everything has its place and it’s beautiful.

  • 3D art- Again people are focusing on the small things. But how big of an impact those small things make are up to you! Many people are moving towards 3-D art to make a bold statement in any room. Art is always highly recommended and makes every room look better but 3-D art is taking it to a whole new dimension. (Solid dad joke). Art is awesome because each piece is looked at differently by each person. Art is completely subjective and it’s a great way to put your personality in a room.

  • Sustainability- Like it or not people are becoming more conscious of their decisions and how they affect the people around them. What does that mean for décor? People are looking for sustainable, long lasting, earth friendly products. There’s an added serotonin boost when you not only improve your living space but also do it in a way that's better for the earth and other people. This might cost a little more upfront but it will pay for itself as it will hold up better throughout the years and you’ll be able to breathe easy knowing you made the decision with others in mind.

  • Multi-functional spaces- Another effect of being stuck at home most of the time. Covid has brought many changes to the way people work, exercise, relax, eat and more. Things that we used to do outside of the home surrounded by others are being transitioned into in-home activities. Probably the two biggest examples of this are working from home and working out from home. The biggest challenge though is while people are wanting to do more out of the home activities inside now, they can’t just add on rooms or space in their home. This is causing people to build multi-functional spaces like gyms/offices. If you’re blessed to have unused rooms or space in your house to turn into whatever you want then you’re one of the lucky ones. For the rest of us, we're getting creative and making the most of the limited space we have. With some organizations and design, it’s easy to turn a spare bedroom or basement into a multifunctional room where you can be productive in a multitude of ways from inside your home!

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